Spelt & Flax Thin Cakes


Thinner than traditional round puffed cakes, our award-winning Thin Cakes are all natural, NON-GMO, organic, and whole grain.

Made in Belgium with rice from Italy, our Thin Cakes are some of our best-selling products.  

Naturally high in fiber, Spelt contains significantly more protein than regular wheat and is higher in vitamins and minerals, making it more flavorful and more satisfying. Many people who suffer mild allergic reactions to regular wheat find they can tolerate spelt wheat based products

Flaxseeds are considered an Omega-3 essential fatty acid, which have heart-healthy benefits. They are also high in fiber, are a good source of protein and have many other minerals and nutrients.

Only 17 calories and gluten free, our Spelt and Flaxseed thin rice cakes are a great healthy base for spreads, cheese, or as a delicious anytime snack.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Spelt Wheat, Organic Flax Seeds, Sea Salt. Contains: Wheat