• Where can I buy Suzie's products at retail?

    • Most of our retail partners are back in stock from the shortage caused by the pandemic. In addition, you can purchase Suzie’s products at Amazon or on our Susie’s Good Food website at www.suziesgoodfood.com We are so thankful for all of the support and patience we receive from our loyal customers!


  • Do Suzie’s Saltine Crackers contain Soy?

    • There is no soy in the cracker, but other items in the plant use soy. Production lines are cleaned before all runs, and allergen related ingredients are stored separately from non allergen listed ingredients.

  • Are Suzie’s Saltine Crackers Nut-free?

    • Suzies is manufactured in a peanut free facility but does use tree nuts. They have been audited and follow GMP guidelines to prevent cross-contamination. Production lines are cleaned before all runs, and allergen related ingredients are stored separately from non allergen listed ingredients.

  • Are Suzie’s Saltine Crackers gluten free?

    • They are not Gluten Free. Our Saltine Crackers are made with organic wheat flour.


  • Does Suzie’s Quinoa contain soy?

    • Our Plain Olive Oil and Tex Mex Quinoas do not contain soy. Our Asian Spiced and Indian Spiced Quinoa does contain.
  • Is Suzie’s Quinoa gluten free?

    • Our Plain with Olive Oil, Tex Mex, and Indian Spiced Varieties are gluten free! Only our Asian Spice quinoa is not Gluten.

  • Does Spelt have gluten?

    • Yes, but since it's more fragile than gluten found in regular wheat it is easier to digest. People with mild sensitivity to wheat often have no reaction to Spelt wheat. It is not recommended for those people who have celiac disease.

  • Is Suzie’s Quinoa nut free?

    • Yes, all of our quinoas are nut-free and manufactured in a nut-free facility.


  • Do Suzie’s Flatbreads contain soy

    • Our Kamut Sesame, Kamut Rosemary, and Spelt Multiseed Flatbreads do not contain Our 7 Ancient grain flatbreads do contain soy.

  • Are Suzie’s Flatbreads gluten free?

    • They all contain gluten.

  • Are Suzie’s Flatbreads nut free?

    • Yes, our Flatbreads are nut free and processed in a nut free facility. One variety does contain Sesame Seeds.


  • Do Suzie’s Thin Cakes contain soy?

    • No, none of our Thin Cakes contain

  • Are Suzie’s Thin Cakes gluten free?

    • Our Corn, Quinoa & Sesame, Buckwheat with Quinoa & Flax, Lightly Salted Corn, Brown Rice, Lightly Salted Brown Rice Thin cakes are all gluten free. Our Multigrain and Spelt & Flax Thin cakes contain gluten.

  • Are Suzie’s Thin Cakes nut free?

    • Yes, all of our thin cakes are nut-free and manufactured in a nut-free facility.

  • What kind of corn is used in Suzie’s Thin Cakes?

    • We use yellow corn for our thin cakes.

  • Are Suzie’s thin cakes baked?

    • The production process of our rice cakes is based on the popping capacity of rice. The process starts with whole grain rice, to which water is added. The rice/water blend is then popped in a mold under high pressure and high temperature resulting in a rice No other applied cooking or baking is done to create the final product.


  • Does Suzie’s Oat Beverage contain soy?

    • No, our Oat Beverage does not contain soy.

  • Is Suzie’s Oat Beverage gluten free?

    • While Oats are inherently Gluten Free you can not label them as such unless they are processed on a production line that only produces Gluten Free products. The plant that manufactures our Oat Beverage is not a gluten free The line is cleaned and sterilized between each production run, and they check for cross contamination but cannot state that they are Gluten Free.
  • Is Suzie’s Oat Beverage nut free?

    • Our production facilities produce beverages with Almonds, Walnuts, and Hazelnuts. They have absolutely no peanuts, pistachio, or cashew. In production, they segregate nuts from the rest of the raw materials in the production lines as much as possible. Before every production run begins, the equipment is sanitized, sterilized, and checked for cross-contaminants.

  • Why can’t I find Suzie’s Oat Beverage in the store anymore?

    • Unfortunately, our Oat Beverage has been discontinued at this time. We are hoping to relaunch it in 2023. We look forward to returning this item, as we know it is a fan favorite!

  • Does Suzie’s Oat Beverage have any additives?

    • Suzie's Oat Beverage is a natural oat drink made from grains we grind internally at our plant. Through an enzymatic process, it is liquefied, sterilized by the UHT process, and packaged with an aseptic Tetra Pak bottle. The drink does not contain additives, oils, or added sugars; it is just water and oatmeal.

  • Suzie’s Oat beverage tastes sweet. Is there sugar in your Oat Beverage?

    • Although our Oat Beverage has a sweet taste, the ingredients are indeed oats and water. Our development team spent many months working on a formula that would not need any gums, sugars, or binding agents. Only oats and water. Oats contain carbohydrates. The sugar present in the oat drink is pulled from the oats using an enzymatic treatment. The enzyme treatment converts some of the carbs to simple sugars, much like our bodies would do. No need for added ingredients (cane sugars, flavorings, etc.) to achieve a delicious natural drink with great flavor. We are working on alternatives and a way to lower the final amount of sugar without adding anything or sacrificing the taste.

  • Why is there pulp in my Suzie’s Oat Beverage?

    • If you see any pulp in your oat beverage, it is highly likely to be part of the oat When producing the drink, it is subjected to mechanical processes (centrifugation) to remove most of the insoluble fiber but not all, to prevent the beverage from being watery and without body. Since the product has no additives, emulsifiers, or gums that allow the fiber to be kept in suspension, some amount of fiber is deposited at the bottom of the container. Typically, the fiber that remains in the drink should remain in suspension and not accumulate at the bottom, but sometimes it does. Sometimes shaking the carton can help redistribute the pulp. In no case is it dangerous to consume it since it is the fiber of the oats itself, although we understand that it can be unpleasant to find. If you have any concerns about the product you purchased, don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can help make it right.


  • Where do your products ship from?

    • Our products are shipped from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    • Orders are currently shipped through FedEx and Orders are processed within 3 business days.

  • Do you ship everywhere?

    • We are currently shipping domestically to all 50 states in the US. We do not ship to P.O. boxes.

  • Do you accept returns?

    • It is incredibly important to us that you are happy with your products. All items are inspected prior to While we do not accept returns, in the event that you are not happy with the product, please send us a message to suzie@suziesgoodfood.com and we will work with you to remedy the situation.